Diluter-PRO now available in the North American Market

The New Plymovent Diluter-PRO: Now Available in the North American Market

01 May 2018 This past December, Plymovent announced the launch of the Diluter-PRO. Plymovent is now making the Diluter-PRO available to their North American customers.

The Plymovent original Diluter-GO is a stand-alone general filtration system that prevents the accumulation of welding fumes in a given workspace. What is the main differentiator between the original Diluter-GO and the new Diluter-PRO? The new Diluter-PRO features an integrated user friendly filter control system of Plymovent, the ControlPro.

This version has a control with an intuitive touchscreen interface that shows at a glance how the system is performing, what the system is doing now, will do next and how to keep it in shape. An extensive and very accessible menu allows full adaptability in an easy way. ControlPro uses ethernet communication for a wide variety of connectivity options. ControlPro is the control that meets the full needs of the professional user: Simple, Insight, Connected.

Welding workshops/spaces all over North America will now be able to benefit from these new and improved Diluter-PRO features. What types of companies will benefit from the Diluter-PRO? Diluter systems are the ideal solution for companies in which source extraction and hoods are not an option. For example when large work pieces are being fabricated, various welding processes take place at changing locations. The system can also be an ideal solution when ductwork is difficult to install. The Diluter-PRO’s control system can benefit any company looking to save time, due to its fully automated operation. Is the Diluter-PRO the right fit for your organization?

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