FumeSimulator visualises the background concentration of welding fumes

FumeSimulator visualises the background concentration of welding fumes

27 January 2012 Plymovent developed the FumeSimulator to visualise the background concentration of welding fumes in production facilities.

This design/simulation program confirms the effective operation of the general ventilation and filtration systems of Plymovent controlling welding fumes.


Purchasing high-quality general ventilation and filtration systems, such as the Push-Pull and Diluter system of Plymovent, is a long-term investment. Therefore, it is important for Plymovent that the customer stands behind the chosen solution for 100%. The FumeSimulator calculates and visualises the concentration of welding fumes of a customised system solution. The simulation shows whether the welding fumes, in the concerning system solution, stay within the desired (legal) limits. Hereby the FumeSimulator offers certainty regarding the effectiveness of this investment.


The reliability of the simulation is related to the input of the customer. The customer must, for an accurate simulation, indicate which welding activities take place, how many welders and/or welding machines are present, how many hours per day welding is performed, etc. The Project Engineering team of Plymovent verifies that data. The data, together with the chosen system solution, are the input for the FumeSimulator.


For the simulation, the FumeSimulator uses CFD technology (Computational Fluid Dynamics). The FumeSimulator generates a report visualising the concentration of welding fumes in the production facility. The customer recognises his production facility and the chosen system solution and sees his specified input back in the report.


Eduard de Haan, CEO of Plymovent Group BV responses enthusiastically: “In these economically challenging times, we see that our customers have higher demands, especially concerning long-term investments. The limits of welding fumes are tightened worldwide. In former times we convinced customers during reference visits, nowadays the customer is demanding more. Certifications and filter classes are not sufficient anymore. As a supplier, we must show beforehand that problems with welding fumes, after installing our extraction system, will be solved. The simulation program, FumeSimulator, meets this expectation. The product is clarifying, realistic and reliable. In this way we can offer an even better service to our international market!”

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