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Plymovent actively invests in sustainable energy

26 April 2016 Plymovent recently opened a new production facility in Thailand. Since sustainability is one of Plymovent's spearhead policies, it was decided to install solar panels on the roof. Solar energy uses the world's biggest source of free energy: the sun.

In one hour the sun delivers more energy to the earth's surface than what the whole world uses in a calendar year. Solar panels convert this solar energy into electricity: solar power.

This is the cleanest and most cost-efficient way of meeting the demand for energy. It is also reliable because the sun produces energy every day anew. 

The solar panels on the roof of the Plymovent facility in Thailand have a capacity of 100 kWp. The system is expected to have a monthly output of approximately 13.5 MWh, which means that the building containing the laser cutting machines and the milling benches and lathes will be self-sufficient for its power supplies.

This monthly saving of 13.5 MWh is equivalent to the average consumption of more than 52 Dutch households in a month.

Plymovent is thus making a huge saving on energy costs, but is also contributing to making the company greener.

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