Plymovent gains foothold in automotive industry

Plymovent gains foothold in automotive industry

18 February 2013 Plymovent is breaking into the automotive industry with a wide range of extraction systems for the removal of welding and cutting fumes.

Plymovent has been one of the market leaders in the metal industry for many years with its advanced welding fume extraction systems. Plymovent introduced its SHIELD fire safety solutions last year. This system solution is ideal for oil-laden welding and cutting applications in the automotive industry.


Oil-based welding and cutting operations generate oily fumes which increase the fire risk through chemical and mechanical combustion. Plymovent SHIELD fire safety solutions were developed to overcome this particular problem. SHIELD minimises the possibility of extraction and filtration systems catching fire in oily environments. Many operations in the automotive industry in particular, are conducted in an environment involving combinations of different types of oil. In the event that fire occurs, SHIELD reduces the consequential damage to a minimum.


SHIELD fire safety solutions offer a combination of various products. In fact, the system comprises three components:

  • Prevention: fire is prevented by effectively capturing sparks (spark arrester) and absorbing oil fumes (limestone feeder).
  • Detection: various detectors detect fires through smoke, heat and sparks.
  • Suppression: in case of fire, the filter system is automatically isolated from all the air flows, and a built-in fire extinguishing system extinguishes the fire within a few seconds.
    All these functions are controlled via an advanced control panel.


Apart from the fact that oil increases the risk of fire in extraction and filtration systems, oil can also be disastrous for filter cartridges. Oil quickly clogs filter cartridges. The limestone feeder offers a solution to this problem!


The benefits of the well-designed SHIELD programme were recognised quickly and the system produces concrete results all over the world. Plymovent has already installed and commissioned several systems for car manufacturers and sub-contractors such as Ford, Johnson Controls, ThyssenKrupp, Kirchhoff and Gestamp, among others.


In 2013, Plymovent aims to extend its profile within the automotive industry with SHIELD fire safety solutions to OEMs as well as Tier-1 and Tier-2 companies.

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