Plymovent introduces the MDB-2/High Vacuum unit

Plymovent introduces MDB-2/High Vacuum unit

20 April 2020 On torch extraction is an efficient way to capture welding fumes at source. The Plymovent MDB-2/HV is an excellent performing highly effective self-cleaning welding fume extraction system with an integrated high vacuum (HV) fan...

...for connection to 6-10 extraction torches. This system is perfect even for heavy, manual welding processes and long welding runs. The high vacuum, high efficiency fan is placed in an air cooled, sound-absorbing box with, as standard, a duct silencer resulting in a low sound level. Flexibility is key to the MDB-2/HV with inlets on both sides of the unit.

The MDB-2/HV has a standard spark arrester (SparkTrap). The captured welding fume passes through this spark arrester to protect the filter cartridges inside the unit against sparks. Two CART-PTFE/10 filter cartridges filter the polluted air with a very high efficiency. The large surface area and structure of the filter cartridges ensure efficiency, low maintenance and prolonged filter life. The filtered air is returned into the workshop by the outlet on top of the fan. Because the fan is in an air cooled sound-absorbing box and the MDB-2/HV has as standard a duct silencer the sound level is extremely low.

This unit combines a rigid design, over-sized filter cartridges, and a powerful blower, making it ideal for heavy industrial use with heavy welding.


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