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Plymovent launches SHIELD fire safety solutions

09 December 2011 Plymovent controls fire risks in welding fume extraction systems by launching a new range of fire safety products. The SHIELD products are developed to reduce the risk of fires in the metalworking industry to a minimum.

In addition, the products are designed to minimise consequential damage. Early detection and suppression are initiated in the event of a starting fire, to limit system damage and avoid the risk of escalation and accumulation of smoke throughout a workshop.

As a specialist in the extraction of welding and cutting fumes, Plymovent fully understands the causes that lead to fires in filter cartridges and dustbins. In response, Plymovent has developed a fire safety programme to control that risk.


The SHIELD products are divided into three categories: products to prevent, detect and suppress fire. All products are developed to meet the specific and challenging process conditions of the metalworking industry. For preventive maintenance reasons, the SHIELD products feature easy installation, inspection, dismantling and replacement. It all allows for a tailor-made solution.



As prevention method Plymovent offers the patent pending products SparkShield and OilShield. SparkShield is an in-line spark arrester that prevents sparks, spatters and cigarette butts from entering the ductwork and reaching the combustible filter cartridge and debris in the dustbin. OilShield was developed especially for oily welding applications. It is highly recommended for applications using low flash point oils, such as punching oils. This limestone feeder mixes limestone with oil, decreasing the remains’ combustibility.



Detection takes place by detectors and ShieldControl. The ShieldControl fire detection panel is compliant with European and UL standards (EN 54-2, EN 54-4, EN 12094-1 and UL 864) and features an open or short-circuit monitoring of the connection cables to the detectors and the FlameShield extinguishing devices. If one of the detectors is activated ShieldControl responses adequately and stops the airflow immediately and activates the suppression methods.



Plymovent offers two suppression methods: sliding valves and FlameShield. The sliding valves stop the supply of oxygen and isolate the fire, minimising consequential damage. FlameShield is an aerosol fire extinguishing generator that is released immediately after the sliding valves are closed, extinguishing the fire in the filter housing rapidly.


The SHIELD fire safety solutions of Plymovent reduce the risk of fire to a minimum, and in the event of fire, ensures that any consequential damages are minor. The consequences of almost all incidences of fire will be limited to no or minimal system damage and the replacement of the filter cartridges and aerosol fire extinguishing generators.


Not only will the SHIELD fire safety solutions of Plymovent control fire risk in welding fume extraction systems, it also increases the lifespan of the filter cartridges and the entire system. Several institutes already tested and certified the SHIELD fire safety solutions of Plymovent.

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