Plymovent launches the MDB-COMPACT

Plymovent launches the MDB-COMPACT: the new range of compact filter units

03 April 2015 With the MDB-COMPACT Plymovent brings you the proven and unbeaten technology of the MultiDust Bank in a compact and pre-assembled range of models.

This range is developed for applications that need a small dedicated filter unit, like:

  • Robotic welding and cutting cells
  • Cutting tables
  • Welding bays and booths with up to 6 extraction arms continuously

Next to proven technology, the MDB-COMPACT features SilentFlowTM. This is a duct free silencer. SilentFlowTM allows for recirculation of the air without the necessity to add ducting at the exhaust side. The newly designed sound absorbing box has the unique quality to reduce the mechanical noise as well as the noise produced by the airflow. This makes the unit easier to install, compacter and more cost effective.


Robotic welding and cutting table integrators

Plymovent wants to strengthen its position in the market where the integrator plays an important role in the selection of the filter unit. Integrators look for a reliable partner with proven filtration technology that is easy to install and with a small foot print. The MDB-Compact is designed around these needs to open new business opportunities in these channels.

The MDB-COMPACT is available in a 2, 4 and 6 cartridge version.

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