SparkShield: new cyclone spark arrester

SparkShield: new cyclone spark arrester

31 August 2011 Plymovent launches a new cyclone spark arrester to protect welding fume extraction systems against the risks of fire.

As all welding and cutting applications represent a potential fire hazard, in response, Plymovent developed the SparkShield. SparkShield is a compact in-line spark arrester which requires little to no floor space. As a specialist in the extraction of welding and cutting fumes, Plymovent fully understands the causes that lead to fires in welding fume extraction systems. The patent pending design ensures almost 100% efficiency in the removal of sparks and cigarette butts. SparkShield not only protects welding fume extraction systems against sparks and cigarette butts, it also increases the lifespan of the filter cartridges considerably.


A spark arrester, just like any other equipment, requires maintenance. Unlike competitive products, SparkShield is designed with maintenance in mind. Inspection hatches can be placed around it. They make it possible to look inside the ductwork to check whether cleaning is necessary. Two duct clamps make it extremely easy to install, dismantle, service and maintain the divisible body of the SparkShield.

SparkShield is part of Plymovent’s SHIELD fire safety solutions. This is a total concept to prevent, detect and suppress fires in welding fume extraction and filtration systems. The SHIELD programme, combined with Plymovent’s know-how and field experience, makes it possible to keep fire risks under control in welding workshops. Plymovent’s SHIELD fire safety solutions will be launched later this year.

For more information about the SparkShield, please contact one of our authorised distributors.

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