Welding & Cutting fume removal

Welding & Cutting fume removal 27 February 2018

Nowadays, everybody knows that welding fumes are very dangerous and that all kinds of protective measures should be taken and respected during work. In other blogs on this site, you can read more about those dangers and risks. But is everybody really aware of the importance of those protective measures such as PPE and local exhaust ventilation? The answers of welders themselves are surprising…

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Welding & Cutting fume removal 16 February 2018

In buildings where welding is carried out, temperature control and problems of airborne contamination are important, and the provision of clean air increases. Although fresh air is usually supplied by general ventilation, the sole use of general ventilation for airborne pollutant control in welding is usually ineffective.

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Welding & Cutting fume removal 24 November 2017

To extract welding fumes and protect the welder, at source ventilation is always the most efficient and safe way. In addition, all kinds of measures can be taken to reduce welding fumes and its risks.

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Welding & Cutting fume removal 31 October 2017

Welding fumes contain oxides of the metals in the materials being welded. If not protected by personal protection equipment and proper ventilation measures, a welder and his surrounding are exposed to several health risks by the oxides of the metals.

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Welding & Cutting fume removal 14 July 2017

Welding of stainless steel is a common process, which has increasing raised concerns for the working environment. Chromium is next to nickel one of the basic alloy element of all groups of stainless steels. During the welding process, chromium is converted to its hexavalent state, Chromium (VI).

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Welding & Cutting fume removal 23 May 2017

Welding, glittering sparks and graceful curling fume are inseparable. It's almost a romantic image, with hard-working welders in the middle. However, the romance evaporates quickly if you understand what welding fumes are and what its composition may be.

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