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Sustainability at Plymovent

Sustainability 9 Nov 2020 Sustainability

Create a better world for all of us!

Sustainability is one of the key pillars of the Plymovent vision, mission and strategy. In the past years, we have taken several initiatives to comply with this principle.

Last year Plymovent became a true energy neutral company by installing over 1600 solar panels on the roof of its global Head Office and logistics center in Alkmaar, the Netherlands. The entire production location in Thailand was already equipped with solar panels earlier.

This month Plymovent takes the next step in becoming an even greener company. In the ‘old days’ manuals were printed in many languages per booklet. From now on, we will -gradually- provide manuals in the English language only. The other languages are available for downloading from our website.

The benefits for the environment are crystal clear:

  • a saving of several hundreds of thousands of pages of paper per year
  • savings of the corresponding amount of ink

In addition:

  • our customers get the manuals in their language of choice only
  • 24/7 online access to the manuals (in PDF format)

With the above spirit in mind Plymovent continues to invest in sustainability. And there is more to come!

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