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Cutting & Grinding helmet

Plymovent PersonalPro cutting and grinding helmet is connected to a PAPR-unit and designed for all day comfort.

  • 2 airflows
  • Lightweight
  • Large grinding visor

Best possible personal protection when cutting and grinding

The PersonalPro line of Plymovent is specifically designed to provide the utmost protection against cutting, grinding and associated airborne fumes and dust contamination. PersonalPro provide the user comfort, optimal fit, and style. Resulting in a safer and more productive work environment.

Recommended for

  • Cutting activities
  • Grinding activities


  • Large grinding visor
  • PAPR unit: PRSL filtration
  • 2 airflows
  • Lightweight

PersonalPro for cutting activities

There is also a suitable product in the PersonalPro line for cutting work. The lightweight grinding helmet only weighs 328 g (0.7 lbs) and, therefore, guarantees ultimate wearing comfort. It has a large visor and an adjustable headband. This grinding helmet offers face protection in accordance with the EN 12941:1998 and EN 175 B standards.

PAPR unit

The fresh air filter supplies filtered fresh air during the cutting work. The unit has 2 speeds: a standard speed of 180 l/min (47.5 gal/min) and a higher speed of 220 l/min (58 gal/min). Speed selection is based on the welders habits, application and environment. The large button guarantees a simple operation of the motor unit.

The filter in the motor unit is classified as PRSL TH2 (Reusable Solid and Liquid Particles).

The chargeable lithium battery can be used for 10 hours as standard and guarantees that the total weight remains low. The optional harness can be secured to the unit to better distribute the 1.18 kg (2.6 lbs) weight.

The PAPR unit will emit a visual and audible alarm alert when the battery is nearly spent or the filter is full.


The cutting and grinding helmets with fresh air unit are supplied as standard with an air hose and robust storage bag. In addition, there are different accessories such as various magnifying lenses, a harness and belt extension.

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PersonalPro Cutting & Grinding Brochure EN


PersonalPro Helmets Manual EN


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