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Plymovent's MistWizard™ is a highly effective mechanical filter for filtration of oil mist. It is designed to handle oil mist from both emulsions and straight metalworking fluids (MWF). The collected MWF can be re-used or disposed.

  • Efficient filtration of oil mist and fumes
  • Affordable compact design
  • Low energy consumption

The MistWizardTM is the perfect solution for single or multiple machine tool applications

MistWizard is designed to be direct mounted on a machine tool with no need for ducting or use of additional floor space. The filter will effectively collect the coolant mist and smoke from the machine process and return the recovered coolant back to the machine tool. The filter unit is provided with a range of options to allow easy, fast installation.

MistWizard™ is a self-contained coolant recovery system, which allows you the ability to direct mount the MistWizard™ to your machine tool and remote mount a central exhaust fan to create a system installation. The advantage of a central system installation is that you can operate up to 12 MW-2 units just using one fan. This in combination with the use of an energy saving DCV-Controller will cut your energy consumption of the system by 25-50%

Recommended for

  • Direct mounting on CNC machines.


  • Efficient filtration of oil mist and fumes
  • Low installation cost
  • Low energy consumption
  • Dedicated filter unit for one machine tool
  • Low operation cost

The MistWizard™ will give you!

                 Higher                                   Lower

  • Filtering efficiency                 Energy consumption
  • Employee moral                    Maintenance cost    
  • Company image                    Operating cost
  • Production output                 Installation cost
  • Return on investment           Purchase cost   

This is how the MistWizard™ works

  • Coolant saturated air is drawn in to the AquaSpin™ inlet where it centrifugally separates coolant mist particle down to 1µm.
  • Particles less then 1µm will travel to the Coolant-Tec™ coalescing filter. This filter has the ability to collect particles as small as 0.3µm with an efficiency up to 99.97%.
  • The air will continue through a spark resistant fan, where the clean air can be recycled back to the work space or exhausted to the atmosphere which ever you choose

This mechanical filter needs a partner in crime

The MistWizard can be combined with one of the following fans:

  • TEV-385
    Suitable for 2 MistWizard units, Air volume total 2200 m3/h / 1294 CFM.
  • TEV-585 50Hz / 60Hz
    Suitable for 5 MistWizard units, Air volume total 4950 m3/h / 2912 CFM.
  • TEV-765
    Suitable for 7 MistWizard units, Air volume total 7150 m3/h / 4206 CFM.
  • TEV-985
    Suitable for 9 MistWizard units, Air volume total 9900 m3/h / 5824 CFM.

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Physical dimensions and properties

Housing material:
Housing finish:
Epoxy powder coat
Unit weight:
13 kg / 29 lbs
Air volume:
1100 m3/h / 650 CFM
Intake velocity:
14 m/s / 2800 fpm
Outlet velocity:
14 m/s / 2800 fpm

Filter elements:

Stage 1:
AquaSpin™ inlet, self-cleaning
Stage 2:
Polyester filter wrap
Stage 3:
Coolant-Tec filter cartridge, washable
Filter indicator:
Manometer gauge 0-1000 Pa / 0-4” wg


Plymovent offers options which include:
wall mounting bracket, floor or ceiling stanchion, elevated machine stand, Y-branch connections for spliting of inlet, inlet with drain loop-kit and spare filter elements.

Oilmist Brochure EN


MistWizard Product Data Sheet EN

Product data sheet

MistWizard Manual EN


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