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Safety disconnect handle

Plymovent offers a safety disconnect handle designed to protect firefighters from hazardous diesel engine exhaust emissions in your fire station. Our safety disconnect handles provide a safe and secure connection point for fire trucks and other emergency vehicles, helping to prevent exposure to harmful fumes. With easy-to-use, ergonomic designs, our safety disconnect handles offer reliable protection and are compatible with a wide range of vehicle exhaust extraction systems. With Plymovent's Safety Disconnect Handle, fire stations can provide a safer working environment for their firefighters while maintaining the readiness of their equipment.

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Safety disconnect handle

Safety Disconnect Handle

The safety disconnect handle is designed for functionality and efficiency; this product ensures safe, easy operation of your vehicle exhaust removal system.

  • Scratch-safe, high temperature resistant materials
  • Maximum efficiency through uninterrupted airflow through the hose
  • Can be used on all existing systems

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