Traversing-KUA | Extraction on rails | Plymovent

Extractor for larger working areas

Traversing-KUA | Extraction on rails | Plymovent
Traversing-KUA | Extraction on rails | Plymovent
  • Extractor for larger working areas
  • Provides 360-degree swivel for entire lenght
  • Movable trolley and arm allows unlimited reach
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KUA on an extraction rail is a unique product combination, where the most flexible extractor arm on the market has been mounted on a carriage that allows it to run along an extraction rail. The KUA-arm itself is technically, economically and aesthetically the perfect solution for small and medium-sized workplaces. Together with the extraction rail, the KUA arm is a flexible extractor for fumes and gases and its reach is limited only by the rail length. Ideal where no permanent workplaces exist or for extended working areas. The KUA can rotate through 360 degrees and has a reach in radius of up to 4m, either side of the extraction rail.

  • Mounted on an extraction rail
  • Universal mounting bracket with ball-bearing and friction pad allows for 360-degree rotation, ease of manoeuvring and ensures maximum life-span.
  • 360-degree ring handle allows for ease of reach and access from any position
  • Smooth aluminium tubing allows maximum airflow and reduces the overall weight and noise level
Recommended for
  • Broad working areas in need of a wide reach.

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