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Key factors for energy management


Global warming and the increases in energy consumption worldwide have brought new concerns over airborne pollutants. Reversing this negative trend requires using available techniques in an intelligent way. Manufacturing companies spending less energy will perform better in a competitive global environment where increasing costs is a disadvantage.


We have a range of control equipment that enables you to substantially lower your use of electricity and overall energy consumption. Systems range from simple manual controls to complete fully automatic, state-of-the-art systems. Investing in a Plymovent control system is investing in the environment and in your competitive future.


1. Simplicity

Manual starters are a simple and cost-effective way to operate smaller systems.

2. Automatic operation

When installing automatic control equipment you do not have to worry about turning the system on or off. The system will do it automatically when it needs to.

3. Energy savings

A control system will generate energy savings on heating and power consumption. A smaller fan with lower power consumption can do the same job as a bigger one when using energy-saving equipment. A smaller fan will also save you money by extracting heated air only when needed. Global awareness also calls for any possible energy savings.

4. Flexibility

We can customise your system to meet your needs.

5. Lower installation costs

Cheaper duct, mechanical and electrical installation. Smaller filters, fans and ducts make the total installation easier, faster and cheaper.

6. Improved work environment

Noise levels will decrease in the work environment. This for example is achieved by the automatic control of the fan so that it runs only as much as needed.

7. Efficiency

The system controls will increase the extraction systems efficiency at any given time. An example of this is that you will automatically have the correct air volume extracted at each extractor when you need it.

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