Heavy industry

Welding fume extraction is an important aspect for personnel in the production of construction equipment such as cranes and bulldozers.

Effective extraction in ‘heavy industry’ manufacturing facilities

Welding, cutting and gouging are common in the so called heavy industry sectors.

Welding fumes and grinding dust are generated during metal and manufacturing processes. These fumes can collect above machinery to form a visible cloud of smoke resulting in a potentially harmful working environment.

To comply with the legal limits for air pollutants associated with welding and grinding work, there is a requirement for high quality fume extraction and filter systems.


Welding fume can form clouds in heavy industry production shops

With large workpieces common in this particular branch of industry, point or source extraction is difficult to operate and a cloud of welding fume can build up very quickly, this cloud consists of welding fumes, particulates and the residues of molten metals. Welders will often move between multiple workstations and/or workpieces. Personal protective equipment may indeed protect the welder, but not other workers in the production facility. the amounts of harmful and environmentally damaging vapours and fumes must be lowered to protect non welders.


What does a shop extraction solution look like?

Most fume extraction supplied is concerned with the collection of welding fume from the welders breathing zone. But where this is not possible or ineffective, then solutions such as Plymovents Push-Pull system can help clean the environment for everybody.

Using parallel ducting with a carefully calibrated air flow, the cloud of welding fume can be collected and cleaned (pull). Upon circulation through the system, the filtered air is re-released back into the shop via the outlet pipe (push). The extraction of contaminated air and the returning of clean air are part of the continuous push-pull process.


Diluter system

With its Diluter, Plymovent offers a ductless solution where neither point extraction nor extraction hoods can be applied.

The Diluter is a free-standing filtration system with multi directional air flow nozzles which can, even in large manufacturing facilities, ensure effective control of welding fume. A particular plus here is the simple ductless installation. This results not only in cost savings, but also in an effective solution for a wide range of welding techniques in constantly changing locations.




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