Welding schools

Multiple arms system for welding booths in a welding school.

Reduce welding fumes at your welding school

New welders are trained every day. At welding schools the emphasis is often on personal protection like welding helmets, gloves and hearing protection. But the quality of the air inside the workshop is also very important. Inhaling welding fumes can be dangerous for you and the health of your students.

The example function of a school makes it even more important that welding and grinding activities take place without exceeding the legal limits. It is important to protect the welders-to-be, other students and equipment nearby from sparks and spatter during welding activities.

Solutions for welding fume removal

Therefore, high-quality extraction and effective filtration systems are required to make sure that legal limits for welding and grinding are not exceeded. Our products extract welding fumes effectively. We can offer extraction:

  • attached to your welding torch
  • with mobile filters to move around the workshop
  • at source in a row of welding booths

Plug & Play product or a System Solution?

Plymovent offers 2 types of solutions for welding schools: Plug and Play or a System solution.

Plug & Play products are mobile and portable fume extractors or welding tables with integrated extraction. A welding table with fume extraction can be placed in a spare corner of the workshop. This is a good solution for a small workshop, with only few students.

Another type is a tailor-made engineered system for welding fume removal, composed of extraction arms, downdraft tables, fan and filters. This is a good solution if there are multiple welding cabins or welding locations.

Install a new system or extent the current extraction method

A new system can be installed in your welding school, but also current systems can be replaced or extended. It is important for your students to start their career without having to worry about the fumes they might inhale. A state-of-the-art system might even attract more students to your welding school.

Plug & Play products

Plymovent offers 3 types of easy to install products. PHV is a portable high-vacuum extraction unit that can be mounted to the welding torch. It can also be combined with an extraction hose and positioned close to the welding area. The downdraft table is a welding table with integrated filter that effectively extracts the welding fume downwards and (optionally) backwards. The third Plug & Play option are our mobile filters with an extraction arm mounted on it. This unit can easily be moved to the welding location or around large work pieces.

System solution

Plymovent can also engineer a system solution for your welding school. This solution is a combination of multiple Plymovent products like extraction arms, fans and stationary filters. Downdraft tables can also be connected to the engineered solution providing several additional welding spots in the workshop.

A multiple arms system can extract fumes from a row of welding booths. The advantage is that each arm can be adjusted separately to fit the welding area. This system is tailor-made, cost effective and easy to operate. When the system is automatically controlled, it will lower the energy consumption, which gives you a shorter ROI (return on investment). The engineered solution will be a perfect performing welding fume extraction system.


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