SHIELD fire safety solutions

Fire risk under control in welding fume extraction systems

SHIELD fire safety solutions
SHIELD fire safety solutions

This range of products reduces the risk of filter fires in the metalworking industry to a minimum. SHIELD products are divided into three categories: products to prevent fire, detect fire and suppress fire.

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The SHIELD programme contains several components that can be combined to create a system solution. Each product has its own unique features and benefits. As every factory is different, Plymovent can specifically advise on how to control the fire risk in your workshop. We can design the system solution tailored to your welding applications and specific requirements.



As prevention method Plymovent offers the products SparkShield¹ and OilShield¹. SparkShield is a compact in-line spark arrester which prevents sparks, spatter and cigarette butts from entering the ductwork and reaching the filter cartridge(s) and debris in the dustbin. OilShield was developed for oily welding applications and for processes like machining where components are covered with punching oils or rust preventative. OilShield is in fact a limestone dosing unit. The key characteristic of limestone is that it decreases the combustibility of oil, reducing the risk of fire.



Detection takes place by detectors and ShieldControl. The detectors and the fire detection panel (ShieldControl) have been developed to detect a fire in its early stages. The main goal of the detection equipment is to activate the suppression products as early as possible. This will isolate the fire and prevent any filter fire escalating into a large system fire, limiting any consequential damage.



Plymovent offers two suppression methods: sliding valves and FlameShield. The sliding valves stop the supply of oxygen and isolate the fire, minimising consequential damage. FlameShield is an aerosol fire extinguishing generator that is released immediately after the sliding valves are closed, extinguishing the fire in the filter housing rapidly.

  • Reduce the risk of fire to a minimum
  • Detect possible fire starters quickly
  • Immediately suppress and extinguish any fires that start
  • Reduce system damage to a minimum
  • Minimise filter replacement and maintenance costs
  • Reduce production down-time in the event of a fire
  • Increase the effectiveness and lifespan of your entire extraction system
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The SHIELD fire safety solutions have been specially designed to prevent, detect and suppress filter fires in the metalworking industry.


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