Crab Return System

Returns the hose and nozzle automatically

Crab Return System
Crab Return System
Crab Return System
Crab Return System

The Crab Return System (CRS) fosters productivity by eliminating the need for an operator to physically retrieve the exhaust extraction hose and nozzle after they have been disconnected from a vehicle.

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Moving cars and trucks in workshops, service facilities, governmental inspection environments and fire stations, emit hazardous fumes into the workshop air. The Crab Return System (CRS) can serve as a core component in the Plymovent exhaust removal system, as it helps extract these hazardous fumes from the source, and then safely returns the hose and nozzle back to the starting position automatically.


Automatic return:

with sensor return trigger / auto return switch or remote control (with manual push button)

As the vehicle moves through the facility, the CRS enables the hose to move along with it. When the vehicle exits the facility, the nozzle can be detached manually by the user or automatically. The CRS returns the nozzle and hose to the original starting position by the operator via a remote control, or automatically via a sensor.


Safety and efficiency on site

The Crab Return System improves both worker safety and efficiency. Because the nozzle is following the movements of the vehicle, the CRS minimizes the amount of hose hanging in a facility compared to traditional vehicle exhaust extraction systems. As a result, less obstructions improve the visibility of the operator.


Easy installation and existing system retrofit

CRS is delivered in an easy to install package and fits on existing Plymovent STRA, VSRX and MRP crab systems.

CRS is easy to install with a standard 120 volt 3A single phase connection. If you already have a STRA, VSRX and MRP system in use, the CRS can easily be installed on your existing system and will fit either the internal crab system (IC) or the external crab (EC) system. 


Available lengths

The CRS is available in 3 sizes, covering systems from 20 ft. to 120 ft.


Remote control

The unit contains a basic manual remote control start set. It is possible to add more remote controls to the system to create a maximum ease of use out of your Crab Return System.

Another option to return the nozzle is the automatic sensor return trigger to engage the CRS, in conjunction with the well-known Pneumatic or Magnetic Grabbers® of Plymovent.

The Crab Return System includes an emergency override allowing the operator to stop the system at any time.


  • Easily retrofitted on existing Plymovent STR, VSRX and MRP Internal Crab systems as well as External Crab systems.
  • Easy installation: CRS is delivered in an easy to install package.
  • Providing excellent protection against hazardous exhaust gasses.
  • The CRS is available in 3 sizes, covering systems from 20 ft. to 120 ft.
  • Reduces hose lengths: CRS enables the nozzle to move efficiently along with the vehicle reducing the amount of hose needed.
  • Fosters productivity: As soon as the vehicle enters the facility, an operator can hook up the hose to the exhaust tailpipe once, for more efficient labor time.
Recommended for


  • Military facilities
  • Automobile plants
  • Department of Transportation facilities
  • Agricultural equipment facilities
  • Bus depots


Fire & EMS

  • Fire stations
  • EMS stations
  • ARFF stations
  • Municipal fire stations
  • Military fire stations