Plymovent captures vehicle exhaust gases at source from passenger cars in garages.

Exposure to hazardous vehicle exhaust emissions can cause serious health problems in garages for your mechanics and other personnel. The most efficient way to combat that exposure is to capture the exhaust fumes at the source and eliminate contact with harmful pollutants like diesel fumes and benzene. Also exhaust from any improperly maintained vehicle can pose serious hazards. The most common source of carbon monoxide is automobile exhaust vented in confined spaces. Proper ventilation and prevention must be assured in your garage.

High-quality exhaust removal systems are recommended to make sure that legal exposure limits1] are not exceeded in your vehicle repair shop. Plymovent offers various systems that capture, extract and remove gas and diesel exhaust emissions, creating a cleaner and healthier work environment for your personnel.

From existing, to new facilities, our range of vehicle exhaust extraction products and system solutions covers it all. Contact us for a quote tailored to your automotive needs.


Plug & Play product or a system solution

The Plymovent FumeCaddie™ is a plug and play vehicle exhaust extraction unit designed to capture exhaust fumes at the source emitted by any vehicle or apparatus running indoors and extract them from your garage. This user-friendly extractor provides clean air for you and your mechanics. The FumeCaddie™ is directly connected to the vehicle tailpipe with the easy-to-use nozzle, no adapter needed.


System solutions

Plymovent provides several solutions from a single hose reel, to systems with multiple drops to connect to the vehicles’ exhaust tailpipe in your vehicle repair shop. Our nozzle range can be used on moving or stationary vehicles, and for a wide number of exhaust pipes, which can be horizontally or vertically positioned.


Exhaust extraction system tailored to your needs

Whether installing a system into an existing facility or building a new one, our experienced staff is ready to develop a custom-tailored system that meets process and building requirements specific to your automotive facility. Our team will work one-on-one with your designers and construction managers to ensure the right system is in place and the safety codes have been followed. This is a cost-effective approach that ensures clean air in your working environment.


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We have provided over 50,000 installations for source capture and ventilation systems. Contact us to find out the best solution for your facility.


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