Reference | Voortman Steel Group

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Country The Netherlands

The challenge

In 2003 Voortman Staalbouw moved to a new workshop of 140 m long x 22 m wide. During the design stage they took purchasing a welding fume filtration system into consideration. In view of the stringent environmental legislation and to meet the TLV values for welding fumes, Voortman strongly focused on proper and effective removal of welding fumes.

Pollution in the workshop is not only caused by welding fumes, but also by dust emission from cutting torches, grinding, drilling and sawing. Voortman’s annual welding consumption is approx. 45 tons of massive wire. Fork-lift trucks also contribute to the level of pollution. Hot welding fumes rise to approx. 4-6 m high, where it forms a layer. This layer gets thicker during the day. At night, when the air gets colder, the layer of welding fumes come down. The roof fans that were installed in the old facility were not capable to remove all the welding fumes properly anymore.