Steel construction

When creating steel constructions a lot of welding activities take place inside, before the actual installation at the site.

Buildings and bridges are both part and good examples of steel construction. Big projects that must meet today’s high standards. Steelwork constructors often work with welders. Some welding activities take place outside, on the construction site, but most are prepared inside a metalworking workplace.

Therefore, high-quality extraction and effective filtration systems are required to make sure that legal limits for welding and grinding are not exceeded. Our products extract welding fumes effectively, protecting both employees and employers against the risks of welding fumes and (grinding) dust. This results in a cleaner and healthier work environment.

Solutions for welding fume extraction

We offer various solutions to control welding fumes in your workplace. Following a step-by-step plan, we can work with you to determine the best solution. At-source extraction is the most ideal solution, but this is not always possible with such large workpieces. Therefore Plymovent also offers a range of extraction hoods to protect a welding zone or welding robot and capture and filter the welding fumes through the hood.

General filtration

We also offer engineered general filtration systems. These reduce the background concentration of welding fumes in the factory hall. Plymovent offers two types: the Diluter system and Push-Pull systems. The Diluter is a filter unit that does not require any ductwork. It can be conveniently placed anywhere in the hall, and the required airflow can be achieved through positioning of the nozzles. The Push-Pull system is the largest engineered filter system. This efficient system develops an airflow and continuously filters the air in the hall, considerably reducing the welding fume concentration.

Please feel free to contact us for further details. We would be happy to visit your location for a first-hand look so we can offer you an engineered solution.