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Effective exhaust extraction for smaller shops

An effective way to reduce exposure to hazardous vehicle exhaust emissions in your garage is installing an exhaust capture system that removes harmful pollutants from the indoor air.

Spring return hose systems are recommended for smaller working areas with a general working radius from 5ft to 10ft (1,5m to 3m). When exhaust extraction is needed, the user pulls the exhaust hose down and attaches the nozzle to the vehicle tailpipe. When finished, the operator disconnects the nozzle and retracts the hose by pulling the hose out a little further and the allows the hose to smoothly recoil upward.

A vehicle exhaust removal system can be made out of a number of different products, depending on your requirements, some examples include: Spring-operated exhaust reels (SER), Fixed exhaust extractor (FE) with direct-mount fan (FEF), as well as the award-winning FumeCaddie™.

The Plymovent FumeCaddie™ is a plug and play vehicle exhaust extraction unit designed to capture exhaust fumes at the source emitted by any vehicle or apparatus running indoors and extract them from the building. This user-friendly extractor provides clean air for you, your customers and your personnel. The FumeCaddie™ is directly connected to the vehicle or apparatus tailpipe with the easy-to-use nozzle, no adapter needed.

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"After installing and putting the product into operation, no evidence of visible soot has been found in the facility, unlike the residue found in the previous existing building. Employees notice not only a vast improvement in cleanliness and safety of their work environment, but also in their health and well-being."

Sales employee
White Springs Fire Department

"The whole team at Plymovent is great to deal with. I went back and forth with Tony at Air Cleaning Systems for all my questions and he had answers for everything."

Jeffrey McGuigan
Assistant Fire Chief
North Tonawanda Fire Department

"We can tell in the daily cleaning duties as there is no soot build up. It has made for a healthier work environment for all our personnel."

John Lapham
Chief at North Tonawanda Fire Department

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