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Reduce vehicle exhaust fumes in your workshop

Hazardous vehicle exhaust emissions in a workshop are a most significant cancer health risk and could be a serious legal liability for the employer.

Optimize the indoor air in your facility

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Reduce illnesses

Your colleagues are the most valuable asset, taking care of them by providing clean air at work can make them healthier and happier.


Reduce pollutants

Pollution in your facility can have a negative impact on equipment, such as forcing downtime and additional cleaning costs.


Be compliant

It is important to keep workplace exposure below the legal limits, even in peak-times.

Solutions for exposure to exhaust fumes

In dealership service bays/workshops, independent garage workshops or testing stations exposure to hazardous vehicle exhaust emissions can cause serious health problems for your mechanics and other personnel. The most efficient way to combat that exposure is to capture the exhaust fumes at the source from motorcycles, all terrain vehicles and other small engine vehicles and eliminate contact with harmful pollutants like diesel fumes and benzene. Proper ventilation and prevention must be assured in your facility.

High-quality exhaust removal systems are recommended to make sure that legal exposure limits are not exceeded in your facility. Plymovent offers various systems that capture, extract and remove gas and diesel exhaust emissions, creating a cleaner and healthier work environment for your personnel. From existing, to new facilities, our range of vehicle exhaust extraction products and system solutions covers it all.

Your advantages

  • Healthy and safe working conditions
  • The most effective way to capture and extract dangerous exhaust
  • Automatic start-stop of fan by an exhaust sensor
  • Suitable for existing facilities and new design-built facilities

Available solutions

We have developed a line of source capture systems designed to meet your station’s needs.

Welding and cutting fume removalVehicle exhaust extraction in fire stations

The Environmental Protection Agency

22 Oct 2019 Health risks

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is an independent agency in the United States entrusted with the mission of protecting human health and the environment. They dedicate themselves to topics as diverse as air, water and land, chemicals and toxics, waste and cleanup.

Vehicle exhaust removal

Hazards due to diesel fumes are still insufficiently prevented

17 Oct 2017 Health risks

In workplaces such as garages, bus depots and warehouses there is a lot of pollution, caused by diesel engines. The engines produce toxic gases and particulates, that can cause serious health risks and legal liability. Although it is well known that fumes are toxic and protective measures should be taken, that isn’t always done.

Vehicle exhaust removalVehicle exhaust extraction in fire stations

New Diesel Engine Technology and Ultrafine Particles

11 Jan 2019 Health risks

Over the years, modern diesel engines have become cleaner. Or in other words: they have become less pollutable and emit less hazardous fumes. Diesel engines even emit less carbon dioxide than gasoline engines and many diesel engine manufacturers claim that most of the harm of diesel exhaust has been reduced.


To keep your system in the optimal condition, please check your system every year for wear and tear.


You use your extraction system on a daily basis. Therefore we recommend you check the parts of your system regularly. We provide various spare parts, in case your system has an unforeseen malfunction. You can also contact one of the local Plymovent contacts for more information on your service agreement.

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