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Protect you and your workers from welding fumes.

Hazardous welding fumes in the shipbuilding business are a welders most significant health risk if you do not take the appropriate action.

Optimize the indoor air in your ship yard

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Reduce illnesses

Prevent an excessive amount of dangerous welding fumes entering the human body is essential for you and your colleagues. Taking care of them by providing clean air at work will ensure a healthier and saver workspace.


Reduce pollutants

Pollution in your facility can have a negative impact on equipment, such as forcing downtime and additional cleaning costs.


Be compliant

It is important to keep workplace exposure below the legal limits, even in peak-times.

Solutions for exposure to welding fumes

From leisure activities to carrying the vast majority of all traded goods worldwide, ships have always played a significant role in our day-to-day lives. When shipbuilding technologies were introduced to new developments in the 19th century, welding replaced riveting, providing shipbuilders with major benefits including higher efficiency, smoother surfaces and lighter structures. Consequently, welding is now considered to be one of the most popular hot-work processes in the shipbuilding industry. 

However, while welding has given the shipbuilding business important opportunities, welding fumes expose your workers to serious health risks if you do not take the appropriate action. As stated by the International Agency of Research on Cancer (IARC), long-term exposure to welding fumes can lead to multiple types of cancer. Taking the necessary precautions on your shipyard is therefore of the essence. 

At Plymovent, we provide our clients with high-quality extraction and effective filtration systems that are designed to protect you and your workers from the start of construction until the day the ship is ready to begin its journey on the water. Being part of the shipbuilding industry means working in confined places but also incredibly big ones. No matter where you work, Plymovent can provide you with the proper solution.

Your advantages

  • A clean and safe workplace
  • Stay below the threshold values to keep you and your workers safe
  • A proper solution for each situation (from confined places to incredibly big ones
  • Protects you and your workers
  • Save maintenance and energy costs
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Welding and cutting fume removal

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Plymovent’s ControlPro Connect is a smart online platform that monitors and manages Plymovent extraction systems, such as the MDB, SCS and EDS.


To keep your system in the optimal condition, please check your system every year for wear and tear.


You use your extraction system on a daily basis. Therefore we recommend you check the parts of your system regularly. We provide various spare parts, in case your system has an unforeseen malfunction. You can also contact one of the local Plymovent contacts for more information on your service agreement.

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