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Case studies

White Springs Fire Department

Fire Department removes competing system and upgrades to Plymovent

Vehicle exhaust extraction for fire stationsFire and emergency service stations

Prior to Plymovent, another manufacturer’s hose-based exhaust removal system was installed. Some issues with the system included faulty installation, poor service, inadequate system performance and safety concerns.

Müller Martini

Clean air in all welding cabins

Welding & cutting fume removalHeavy industry

Welding work plays an important role in the work process. A total of nine welding cabins have been installed in a new part of the works.

G.C. Entreprise, Køge ApS

Multiple arms improve work environment

Welding & cutting fume removalMachine-building

The service workshop needed a high-quality extraction system to remove welding fumes, grinding dust and oil mist, preventing accumulation in the workshop.


Push-pull systems in the transport industry

Welding & cutting fume removalTransport manufacturing

Zoomlion, based in China, produces all kinds of enormous vehicles/machines, e.g. to asphalt, pave, drill, sweep and wash, but also crane transportation, bulldozers and fire trucks.

KS Smede og Montage

Ventilation/filtration system main heat source

Welding & cutting fume removalMachine-building

K.S. Smede og Montage, a smith’s working-place, was about to expand their business and move to new premises. They took this opportunity to purchase a new ventilation/filtration system.

ABB Estonia

Push-Pull system removes welding fumes effectively

Welding & cutting fume removalMachine-building

ABB Estonia was in the middle of a restructuring programme when the production lines were reviewed. As a result, one new welding working area was created.


Global preferred supplier with eds solutions

Welding & cutting fume removalTransport manufacturing

Fortaco was managing welding fume problems with extraction arms. Because of the size of working pieces, welders could not relocate extraction arms when changing a welding position.

Arginta Engineering

General filtration systems ensure clean air at work

Welding & cutting fume removalHeavy industry

Arginta Engineering decided that they needed extra protection against welding/cutting fumes and grinding dust.

Tollpost Globe

Dust removal in logistical centre

Welding & cutting fume removalDepartment of Transportation

Airborne micro particles of dust produced by paper and cardboard boxes - but also rubber particles from transportation belts and truck wheels are found in logistic centers such as at Tollpost Globe AS in Norway.


Healthy conditions in training centre

Welding & cutting fume removalEducational institutions

In the Arcos de Valdevez training centre of CENFIM various levels of metalworking and welding education are provided.

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