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Push-Pull system: the ideal solution for large parts


Delmet SA, headquartered in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, welds parts into one another, including attachments for use in the manufacture of bells. The company’s fleet of machinery is capable of finishing large parts weighing up to 20 tonnes. The company was founded in 1984.

The challenge

Delmet was already acquainted with welding fume extraction, but its use of mobile units equipped with an extraction arm was far from ideal. This kind of source extraction system is more suited to workbenches with relatively small parts. By contrast, Delmet handles primarily large workpieces and welds steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

The solution

The high temperatures cause the welding fumes to rise and form a ‘welding fume blanket’. This welding fume blanket usually forms at a height of four to six metres, the height at which the temperature of the welding fume particles is the same as the ambient temperature.

A Plymovent suction/blow system uses a continuous control system to move, filter and recirculate the welding fume blanket. This prevents the welding fume particles from cooling and descending back down to the ground, resulting in a clean working environment. At Delmet, the duct is installed at a height of 4,5 m below the craneway. The system is a parallel system, with a filter system and fan installed on either side of the production hall. 13 suction grids and 13 outlet grids on each side of the production hall ensure perfect air circulation with approx. 5 air changes per hour.

The SCS filter system is a stationary system with a two-piece filter cartridge with a total surface area of 150 m2 . The efficiency of the filter is ensured by automatic compressed air filter cleaning.

Main benefits

  • The cleaning mechanism can be controlled by both an on/ off time as well as a pressure difference switch.
  • The suction/blow system ensures permanently clean working conditions for employees. Welders need only personal protective equipment to protect them from the rising air.

Product list


Push-Pull system

Push-Pull system


Stationary filters




Considering the size of the parts that we weld; this installation is certainly the best solution.

Mr. Fähndrich
Delmet SA

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Delmet workshop
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