Oil mist extraction

Within the automotive industry capturing oil mist is vital for a safe and healthy work environment.

Oil mist in the automotive industry

The automotive industry is one of the largest and most important economic sectors worldwide. During the fabrication of tools and components for this industry, many different metalworking processes are taking place, such as milling, drilling, honing, casting, grinding, heat treatment and cold forming.

What is oil mist

During these metalworking processes various oil and emulsions are used to cool or lubricate the metal components. If these metalworking fluids get airborne, an aerosol forms. This oil mist causes slippery floors and work surfaces and can have negative health effects. In addition, these fine droplets can affect the electrical equipment in the facility.

Solutions to reduce oil mist in the automotive industry

With adequate oil mist extraction the operator can have a clear view in the CNC-machine.Plymovent offers various solutions to remove the oil mist in a.o. the automotive industry. Our MistWizard can be attached to a single CNC-machine to give the operator a clear view of the production process. This eliminates the need for duct work and complicated electrical connections. Our FlexHood, connected to a MistWizard, can be installed above an open CNC-machine to catch the airborne particles.

For larger solutions we can offer our MistEliminator, a modular filter bank that can be expanded as your business grows. This filter system removes the oil mist from the air, and depending on the metalworking fluids used, it can be re-used in the production process. The filtered air can be ventilated to the outside or can be recirculated into the factory, saving energy and reducing your heating costs.

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