At source extraction

Plymovent nozzle connected to car

At-source capture of airborne particles, prior to their spreading in the local environment, is the most efficient method to achieve a safe and healthy working environment. It minimizes the amount of air that needs to be removed, thereby reducing the total investment in air handling equipment and also reducing the total energy consumption.


A key component to our system is the nozzle, depending on the type of vehicle, the shape of the exhaust pipe and the way of working with exhaust removal systems decides which nozzle is suitable for your application.


Options we can offer include:

  • Use of a spring clip or vice-grip to keep the nozzle attached to the exhaust pipe
  • An outlet where CO-measuring equipment can be used
  • A damper to close off the systems that are not in use
  • Full metal nozzles for high temperature applications
  • Stand-alone nozzles to capture but not interfere with the exhaust flow. This is used in exhaust flow measurements.

We have a wide range of nozzles that can fit to all common used exhaust pipes, please contact us for a complete overview and advise on which nozzle is most suitable for your workshop.

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