White Springs Fire Department

Fire Department removes competing system and upgrades to Plymovent
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Country USA

The challenge

Prior to Plymovent, White Springs Fire Department (FD) installed another manufacturer’s hose based exhaust removal system. Some issues with the system included faulty installation, poor service, inadequate system performance and safety concerns.


Fire department removes competing system and upgrades to Plymovent

With Plymovent’s Magnetic Grabber®, White Springs FD is extremely pleased with the ease of the Plymovent systems connection and disconnection to their trucks. In addition, White Springs Firefighters commented on how Plymovent’s hoses swivel to accommodate the hose moving in and out of the station. As the busiest fire department in their area, White Springs FD also expressed that Plymovent’s Safety Disconnect Handle is a successfully proven product. “There’s no need to bend over and hook up the system, which is how it should be, safe and simple”, says Assistant Chief McGuigan.

With 25-30 members, the White Springs FD of White Springs, New York is an all-volunteer department. Out of the three fire departments in town, White Springs FD has the highest call volume covering commercial and residential neighborhoods.

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