Welding & cutting fume removal

We have made it our business to control welding fumes with source extraction, hoods or general ventilation and filtration systems.

Welding fumes, grinding dust, oil mist: the metal industry produces all sorts of contamination. Welders and personnel in working areas are exposed to these air contaminants. It is essential to create healthy and safe working conditions by reducing these risks to health. Protective measures are an important aspect of this. So important, in fact, that strict international standards have been established to regulate them. Welding fumes, small particles and remains of molten metal, must be dealt with effectively by means of efficient extraction and filtration. This ensures that workers feel better, enabling them to perform better. The result is higher productivity and lower absenteeism through sickness.

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Numerous satisfied customers

We have provided numerous customers in various segments such as welding schools, metalworking industry and transport fabrication with solutions to control welding and cutting fumes.

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