SUS extraction hose | Plymovent

Flexible extraction hose

SUS extraction hose | Plymovent
SUS extraction hose | Plymovent
  • For portable extraction fan MNF
  • For mobile unit MFD/MFS/MFE
  • Length 5 m
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The extraction hose is a flexible hose available in 160 mm diameter (SUS-5/160) and 203 mm diameter (The SUS-5/203) with a suction nozzle, fitted with a magnetic foot. It is supplied with a hose clamp and can be enlarged by an extension hose.

The SUS-5/160 is designed to be connected to a portable extraction fan MNF. The SUS-5/203 is designed to be connected to a mobile welding fume extractor MFD/MFS/MFE.


  • Strong industrial hose with external metal spiral to protect against wear
Recommended for
  • Difficult-to-reach confined spaces unreachable for extraction arms
  • Construction made of magnetic steel

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