How we work

Based on our experience, gained over decades working in the air treatment business, Plymovent has developed a proven approach we call engineered solutions. This approach ensures clean air in your work environment with a cost effective and easy operating system. The process involves 7 phases, from analysis and design to supply, installation, commissioning and service, all included in a value for money package.


Plymovent engineered solutions:


We investigate

Each customer has specific requirements. To be able to meet them it is vital to conduct a thorough investigation, answering numerous questions about welding process, number of and reach within workplaces, facility layout, filtration needs, local legislation and need of system control. Are there plans for future expansion? When finalised the first phase gives an answer to what we need to do.


We plan

Based on the information we receive from our investigation phase we create a roadmap for achieving the best possible air in the work environment. We choose products from our broad product range, to tailor a system, which provides a durable and optimal solution for ensuring ease of operation and a healthy work environment.


We design

In the design phase we fine-tune the products chosen in the planning phase by calculating pressure drops, filter sizes, fan size, etc. The flexibility and modularity of our products enable us to optimise your system as regards modularity, safety, economy and operation. The result will be a system design which suits your requirements today and for future expansions.


We install

When the design phase is finished we are able to install your tailor-made system. Worldwide Plymovent has over 30,000 installations of systems for ensuring a healthy working environment. We have a vast experience of delivering turn-key solutions which will operate flawlessly, enabling you to focus on your core business.


We commission

When the installation phase is finished we make sure to calibrate the system ensuring all parameters are set correct. Our constant striving for perfection gives an air cleaning system which is a trustworthy investment today and for years to come.


We train

As a knowledge-based partner, we are happy to share our professional knowledge and technology. We can give you hands-on training to get the most out of our systems.


We service and maintain

Today operational safety in production lines is essential for ensuring high productivity. We are therefore offering service agreements. Our maintenance engineers will make sure to have your extraction system in perfect conditions and in optimal operation.


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