MDB | Modular Filter System | Plymovent

MultiDust Bank - filtration unit tailored to your needs

MDB | Modular Filter System | Plymovent
MDB | Modular Filter System | Plymovent
MDB | Modular Filter System | Plymovent
MDB | Modular Filter System | Plymovent

The MDB is a modular cartridge collector, making it possible to tailor the filter system to the requirements of your industrial application. Made for heavy applications usage.

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The MultiDust® Bank filter is a modular filter system which can be tailored to the requirements of your application today and expanded tomorrow if your business grows. The efficient and effective performance of each module also allows compact solutions. The range of technical features and the latest filter technology results in a filter system that is cost-effective to operate and maintain.


Modular design

The modular MultiDust® Bank allows for any size solution, fitting your requirements and give optimum cost efficiency. Moreover it is flexible to expand as your business and your workload grow.


Low cost of ownership

The Ram-Air cleaning system ensures a clean filter. Inside every filter cartridge a Ram-Air pulse disperses the compressed air for cleaning, releasing any dust collected on the surface of the filter cartridge. This gives longer filter life and less expensive compressed air usage, all resulting in low ownership cost.


Efficient filtration

The high filtration efficiency allows recirculation of cleaned air and energy savings through heat recovery. The unique MultiFlow air shield disperses incoming air evenly, resulting in equal air flow throughout multiple modules.


Plug & Play version available

The MultiDust® Bank is also available in a plug & play version, the MDB-4F. This self-cleaning filter unit has an integrated extraction fan. It contains a frequency inverter and four self-cleaning polyester filter cartridges. The pressure controlled automatic cleaning system ensures that the particulate matter drops into a collection container at the bottom of the unit.


Two versions of filter controls

The MultiDust® Bank will be among the first to be available in the GO and PRO versions1. The control panels ControlGo and ControlPro form an integral part of these new MDB GO and MDB PRO filter systems. ControlGo and ControlPro will be the new Plymovent standard for central filter control.

Installation of the MDB GO and MDB PRO versions is simple, as is the configuration and operation. Due to a weektimer and automated filter cleaning the system operates fully automatically. The MDB GO has fixed factory settings that are applicable for 90% of the installations. If you require more advanced settings, the MDB PRO is the system of choice.



The MDB GO is an MDB filter unit connected to the ControlGo control panel. This panel is ideal for customers who want basic control over their filter system. With an external signal from a welding robot or timer, the MDB GO can start/stop automatically.

In addition to manual cleaning, the ControlGo offers automatic advanced progressive filter cleaning. The automatic filter cleaning means that the filter cleaning cycles are pressure controlled, based on fixed threshold values. The advantage of the automatic progressive cleaning is a longer filter life and lower operational costs. 

The MDB GO is a professional control panel that arranges filter cleaning in an effective way.



The MDB PRO is an MDB filter system combined with the intelligent platform ControlPro and a connected extraction fan. It offers an extensive feature package to monitor and control the filter cleaning system based on adjustable threshold values, the type of extraction fan, the required airflow and the corresponding fan speed. By means of the user-friendly HMI, all parameter settings of the system are configurable through a clear and easy accessible menu structure. And moreover, it gives a clear insight into the system status and performance at all times. ControlPro allows for remote access via a network connection for setting adjustments via a mobile device, online support or software updates. When there are multiple MDB filter systems, they can be controlled by one single ControlPro.

This advanced control platform is an enormous leap forward, which makes us ready for today’s and future needs and gives us a significant head start over the competition.

If your filters are steered by ControlPro control systems, Plymovent gives the option to extend it with ControlPro Connect. This is an advanced web portal that gives you the power to monitor, manage and control any number of filters at a glance from your PC, tablet or smartphone.


1 MDB-4 to MDB-36

  • Efficient filtration of dust and fumes
  • Modular design for any size solution
  • Flexible positioning of inlet and outlet
  • Expandable as your business grows
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Dustbin level sensor optional
Recommended for
  • Medium to medium-heavy applications like professional manual welding or intermittent semi-automatic and robotic welding
  • Heavy welding applications with semi automatic and robotic welding in multiple shifts or 24/7

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