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Case studies


A logical step to invest because of our workers

Welding & cutting fume removalHeavy industry

The entire production process of the stoves takes place in one area. It starts with the cutting and bending of the stainless-steel plates.


Stork chooses central oil mist filer system

Oil mist removalHeavy industry

The Stork production facility in Sneek has 17 machine tools that employ metalworking fluids. Part of these fluids are released as mist or fumes during the machining process, which need to be removed.


MistEliminator removes oil mist effectively

Oil mist removalAutomotive industryTransport manufacturing

Bulten uses metalworking fluids to cool down the products themselves, and to ensure that the machinery and tools do not get rusty.

Voortman Steel Group NL-29

Clean working environment without oil vapours

Oil mist removalTransport manufacturing

Voortman Staalbouw is a modern company located in Rijssen with extensive experience in building steel structures. Voortman has grown over the years to become one of the Netherlands largest steel contractors.

Arjangs Verktygsindustri

Filtration of welding/grinding fumes and oil mist

Oil mist removalWelding & cutting fume removalMachine-building

Welding and grinding for dry application as well as oil mist captured via hoods for tempering furnaces as well as local extraction for processing machinery.


A healthier working environment thanks to spatial welding fume extraction

Welding & cutting fume removalHeavy industry

CSM prioritises the working environment of its employees and had been operating a number of mobile source extractors. But this was insufficient, and the welders were suffering as a result.

West Coast College

Clean and fume free environment for students

Welding & cutting fume removalEducational institutions

Ventilation was not considered in the development stage of the facility and was, therefore, very poor with only natural air flow through open doors and windows and some ‘whirlybirds’ in the roof of the building.


Push-pull systems for protection of employees

Welding & cutting fume removalMachine-building

ACV wanted a welding fume extraction system for this new workshop. Consequently, they decided to bring in a specialist who would be able to provide a solution to fulfil their requirements.

Baltimore Arcoil

Effective welding fume extraction systems for all welding workplaces

Welding & cutting fume removalMachine-building

The production activities at Baltimore Aircoil require a lot of metalworking and welding. The company concluded for itself that the extraction of welding fumes and hazardous gases in the production halls could be improved.


Operator, once again, happy to work on machine

Oil mist removalMachine-building

Operators would come into direct contact with large quantities of vapourised coolant, causing irritation to the eyes and the respiratory tract. In seeking out help for the problem, Mervers contacted Plymovent.

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