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Case studies

Case New Holland

Significant reduction of fume concentration

Welding & cutting fume removalMachine-building

For mechanical operations the company has various machines, presses, welding robots and electric welding equipment. The intensive welding activities indisputably lead to massive welding fume concentrations.

AKS Precision Ball Europe Ltd.

MistEliminator units create a clean environment

Oil mist removalMachine-building

Create a system which extracts oil mist generated at the source, to prevent it from creating a nuisance by entering the respiratory systems of the employees.

Furness College

DownDraft tables provide a safe working environment for students

Welding & cutting fume removalEducational institutions

Plymovent was challenged to look for a solution that would extract welding fumes effectively. Additionally it had to have an educational purpose and of course suit the design of the building. Without saying, the products had to meet the legal requirements.

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