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Case studies

Hessels Zeefbanden

Hessels is also going for the experience and expertise of Plymovent!

Welding & cutting fume removalMachine-building

The challenge at Hessels Zeefbanden was to not just provide the customer with an extraction solution for the metalworking process, but also a suitable one for their post process.


Production lines with plenty of room in newbuild production hall

Welding & cutting fume removalAutomotive industry

The oil needed for the stamping process creates an additional fire hazard in the filtration system. We had to look for a solution which would minimise the fire hazard.


Extraction hoods keep working environment clean

Welding & cutting fume removalHeavy industry

An expansion at Hörmann included the purchase of new welding robots to optimise the production processes in Alkmaar. Plymovent was then contacted for welding fume extraction systems.

GP Groot

Mobile units offer Maximum flexibility

Welding & cutting fume removalHeavy industry

GP Groot needed a solution to extract and remove the welding fumes from their workshop to meet the Health & Safety Regulations on welding fume.

Scholen aan Zee

Technical school satisfied with effective downdraft & backdraft workbenches

Welding & cutting fume removalEducational institutions

Scholen aan Zee (‘Schools at the Sea’) is an occupational training institution in the Dutch navy town of Den Helder.

PB MeTech

Fully controlled multiple arm system removes welding fumes effectively

Welding & cutting fume removalTransport manufacturing

PB MeTech GmbH, situated in Germany. They were looking for a system that could capture and remove welding fumes and floating pieces of metal effectively from their manufacturing facility.

Broki Metallwaren

The risk of fire under control with shield fire safety solutions

Welding & cutting fume removalMachine-building

The filter cartridges at Broki Metallwaren have caught fire three times in the last 40 years. Broki needed a solution to deal with that specific risk of fire.


Optimal employee protection against welding fume

Welding & cutting fume removalTransport manufacturing

In the plant of Tirschenreuth the welding takes place in large, undefined working areas. They tried to improve the air quality through roof ventilation, but this led to a high energy loss.


Optimized filter system modification of the Audi RS5

Welding & cutting fume removalAutomotive industry

The Audi A5 is prefabricated as a special design Cabrio RS5 at ThyssenKrupp in Heilbronn. The machining step involves both plasma cutting and plasma welding. The fumes produced by this process, cannot be extracted from above.


Mobile welding fume extractors ensure flexibility

Welding & cutting fume removalHeavy industry

Harsveld Apparatenbouw BV employs approx. 50 staff members, of which 35 welders. All welders are certified and ‘all-round’ (MIG/MAG, TIG, stick welding, etc.) and continuously work with diverse, mostly high-grade metals.

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