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Welding fume extractors

Our wide range of welding fume extractors is ready for your specific welding fume extraction needs. Will you choose source extraction or extraction hoods? General filtration systems or Diluter systems? All welding fume extraction systems from Plymovent ensure a cleaner, safer and healthier workplace for you and your colleagues.

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Stationary filters


The SCS is a self-cleaning central filter system for removing fumes released during welding, cutting and grinding processes in the metalworking industry.

  • Self-cleaning RoboCleanPlus system; maintenance-friendly
  • Requires minimal floor space
  • Low energy consumption, saves energy

Cutting & Grinding helmet 

Plymovent PersonalPro cutting and grinding helmet is connected to a PAPR-unit and designed for all day comfort.

  • 2 airflows
  • Lightweight
  • Large grinding visor
Extraction arms

MultiSmart Arm

The MultiSmart extraction arm’s unique, clear-thru design gives a completely uninterrupted airflow and the lowest pressure loss of any arm on the market.

  • Clear-thru design for highest possible air volumes
  • Available in a diameter of 125-, 160- & 200-mm
  • Reach of 3 to 4 m with a maximum reach of 7 m in combination with an extension crane


The fans in the FUA series can be used as a direct mount fan for metal and hose tube extraction arms or as a central fan in small extraction systems.

  • Low noise level
  • Direct mount
  • Rotational outlet
Push-Pull system

Push-Pull system

Push-Pull systems can make a significant contribution to your facility, providing you and your employees with a cleaner, healthier and safer working environment.

  • Reduction of fine dust
  • Performance under control
  • Low noise level


The MNF is a portable extraction fan for use in welding operations in vessels and other confined spaces used for light to medium-intensity welding. 0.75 kW / 1 Hp

  • Designed to reach confined spaces and excessive heights
  • Portable
  • Efficient extraction
Mobile filters

Portable welding fume extractor (PHV)

Our portable welding fume extractor PHV is a high-vacuum unit the size of a vacuum cleaner. It can be used everywhere, even locations that are not or hardly accessible to stationary and larger mobile fume extractors. W3 compliant ✔

  • Long filter lifespan of the Dura-H filter cartridge
  • Automatic start/stop system, saving energy costs
  • Low noise level
Stationary filters


Due to its compact design the MDB-COMPACT is the ideal choice for applications where a filter is needed near to the source of pollution.

  • Pre-assembled compact design with integrated fan
  • Front panel cartridge changing
  • Easy to empty dust drawer
Stationary filters


The WallPro is a self-cleaning welding fume extractor. Suitable for steel and stainless-steel welding. Designed to extract medium, heavy and very heavy fume production. W3 compliant ✔

  • Low operational costs and long filter life
  • Self-cleaning filter, with additional offline filter cleaning function
  • Choose from 3 power levels, according to your specific needs

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