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Hose reels & hose drops

Hose Reel on Boom

Our hose reel on boom (HRB) is ideal for facilities in which an extended reach is needed to accommodate a larger working area, or reach over or under an obstruction such as a bridge crane.

  • Operators can slide the hose reel left or right easily to the desired location
  • Convenient storage of the exhaust extraction hose
  • Ideal for use in facilities with multiple bays
Hose reels & hose drops

Hose Reel on Rail

Our Hose Reel on Rail (HRR) is ideal for service centers in which multiple bays are positioned and storage of the hose is preferred.

  • Ideal for use in facilities with multiple bays
  • Operators can slide the hose reel left or right easily to the desired location
  • Convenient storage of the exhaust extraction hose

Internal Grabber®

The Internal Grabber® nozzle of Plymovent is a new, universal nozzle that fits the shapes and positions of any car and pickup truck exhaust tailpipes. This patented nozzle makes other nozzles obsolete.

  • Adapts to any tailpipe shape
  • Self-aligning squeeze grip for an effortless and smooth attachment
  • Extendable nozzle skirt with soft edge to optimize exhaust gas capture
Control equipment

ControlPro Connect

The ControlPro Connect is an advanced web portal of Plymovent that gives you the power to monitor, manage and control multiple filters in your facility at a glance.

  • Gain operational efficiency
  • Get actionable insights
  • Maximize uptime of your filters
Extraction arms


The KUA ATEX is an aluminium tube extraction arm ideal for medium and large sized workplaces. It is designed for usage in explosive environments / ATEX applications.

  • For usage in explosive environments
  • Tube diameter: 160 or 200 mm.
  • 2, 3 or 4 m in length with a max. reach of 8.5 m with an extension crane
SHIELD fire safety solutions

Limestone feeder

OilShield is a limestone feeder that protects filter cartridges against clogging and reduces the risk of fire by oil.

  • Reduce the risk of fire in filter and dustbin
  • Reliable operation; thanks to double agitator technology, automatic start/stop and refill alarm
  • Increase the lifespan of filter cartridges
Extraction arms

LM-2 Junior Arm

The LM-2 Junior Arm is a compact and handy hose tube telescopic extraction arm designed specifically for schools, small working booths and areas with a low ceiling.

  • Compact telescopic arm with a reach of 1-2 m, perfect for small areas/cabins e.g. welding schools.
  • The counterweight enables precise positioning of the arm
  • Tube diameter: 160 mm
Downdraft table

DraftMax Eco

The DraftMax Eco is a downdraft work bench with an integrated spark arrester, but contains no filter cartridges. It is suitable for light to heavy welding, grinding and cutting applications depending on the filter.

  • Suited for welding, cutting and grinding
  • Efficient fume extraction by down and backdraft
  • To be connected to a filter unit

Balancer 200 & 300 series

The Balancer-200 & -300 series are designed with safety as top priority. They lift the hose of a vehicle exhaust system and hold it in place above the shop floor. Thereby minimizing the risk of damage to the hose as it cannot be run over by a vehicle.

  • Wire length 6.5-11.5 ft. (2-3.5 meters)
  • Easy to install
  • Safe operation
Stationary filters

MDB-2 High Vacuum

On torch extraction is an efficient way to capture welding fumes at source. The MDB-2/HV is a heavy-duty welding torch extraction system.

  • Central filter system for up to 10 fume extraction torches.
  • RamAirTM pulse amplifier for efficient cleaning and long filter life.
  • Low sound level of only 68dB

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