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Rail systems

Vehicle Square Rail with External Crab (VSRX)

Vehicle Square Rail - External Crab (VSRX) is the ideal solution for heavy-duty vehicles that move through an apparatus garage up to 120 ft (36,5 m) in length.

  • Expandable system to almost any length
  • Nozzle disconnects automatically as the vehicle exits the facility
  • One-piece aluminium rail

TEV 50Hz

The TEV series ventilation fans are designed for use as central fans in larger systems with multiple extraction points. 0.75-7.5 kW (1.0-10.0 hp)

  • High efficiency
  • Energy saving
  • Easy mount housing
Multiple arm systems

Multiple arm system

Engineered multiple arm system solutions completed with our wide range of fans, control equipment and filters.

  • Optimal personal health and safety by capturing airborne particles before they can spread in the local environment
  • Operating efficiency by minimizing air processed in ventilation and filtration
  • Investment efficiency by minimizing the dimensions of ventilation and air handling equipment

TEV 60Hz

The TEV 60 Hz series ventilation fans are designed for use as central fans in larger systems with multiple extraction points. 1.5-11,0 kW (2,0-15.0 hp)

  • High efficiency
  • Energy saving
  • Easy mount housing

Highly Crush Resistant Hose (EH)

The EH hose is a crush-proof hose and can withstand temperatures up to 390ºF (200ºC). -Not available in North America-

  • Resistant to all chemicals present in exhaust fumes
  • Flexible and easy to use

REN Nozzle

The REN nozzle is designed to slip over the exhaust pipe and stay connected by friction seal. It includes a CO outlet and is recommended for use on cars and motorcycles.

  • Bell nozzle can work on wide or twin pipes
  • Hook and chain to connect
  • Works with flush-mounted setups

AU Nozzle

The AU exhaust nozzles are designed to capture the exhaust flow at the source without interfering with the airflow. Used for car workshops and maintenance facilities.

  • All nozzles are easy and quick to connect and disconnect
  • No interference with the exhaust flow
Rail systems

Vertical Stack Rail (VSR)

The Vertical Stack Rail (VSR) is the solution for vehicles that have top exhaust and need to move through a garage or station.

  • Expandable system to almost any length
  • A fully automatic system
  • Floating suspension
Stationary filters


Plymovent's MistWizard™ is a highly effective mechanical filter for filtration of oil mist. It is designed to handle oil mist from both emulsions and straight metalworking fluids (MWF). The collected MWF can be re-used or disposed

  • Efficient filtration of oil mist and fumes
  • Affordable compact design
  • Low energy consumption
Hose reels & hose drops

Motorized Hose Reel (MHR)

The motorized hose reel (MHR) (Protected under U.S. Patent No. 6,802,336) is designed to retract the hose with the assistance of an electric motor. We recommend this hose reel for use in general and light duty vehicle workshops with a low ceiling where overhead cranes are used.

  • Easy to operate
  • Efficient exhaust extraction

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