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Rail systems

Straight Rail (STR)

The Straight Rail (STR) is designed for drive-through applications with up to four vehicles parked in tandem.

  • Door-to-door removal of harmful emissions
  • Models to handle up to 30 meters
  • Expandable design
Extraction arms

SUS flexible extraction hose

The SUS extraction hose is a strong flexible hose used to extract welding fumes. It designed to reach confined spaces unreachable for extraction arms.

  • Strong industrial hose with external metal spiral to protect against wear
  • Available in a diameter of 160 and 203 mm
  • 5 m extension available to reach up to 10 m

Synthetic composite fabric hose (EF2)

The EF2 hose is made up of a synthetic composite fabric that can endure exhaust gas temperatures of up to 570°F 300°C) continuous. -Available only in North America-

  • High resistance to mechanical loadings
  • Flame retardant
  • Abrasion resistant
Extraction arms


The T-Flex telescopic extraction arm is a solution for use at workbenches and in small, fixed working areas, such as welding schools and maintenance workshops.

  • Telescopic arm
  • Compact arm for work benches and small working areas
  • Maximum reach of 1.4 m
Extraction arms

T-Flex with counterweight

The T-Flex with counterweight is a wall-mounted telescopic extraction arm with a rotable hood. Perfect for horizontal welding positions.

  • Telescopic arm
  • For workbenches and small working areas
  • Maximum reach of 2.5 m

Test Facility Nozzle

The Test Facility Nozzle (TFN) is a vehicle exhaust removal device, suited for touchless extraction of vehicles. The TFN is the ideal nozzle for emission testing. 

  • Sliding panel to enable the use of an opacimeter in a safe way
  • Flat tray functions as perfect surface to position test equipment or laptops
  • Protective rubber flaps to avoid vehicle damage

TEV 50Hz

The TEV series ventilation fans are designed for use as central fans in larger systems with multiple extraction points. 0.75-7.5 kW (1.0-10.0 hp)

  • High efficiency
  • Energy saving
  • Easy mount housing

TEV 60Hz

The TEV 60 Hz series ventilation fans are designed for use as central fans in larger systems with multiple extraction points. 1.5-11,0 kW (2,0-15.0 hp)

  • High efficiency
  • Energy saving
  • Easy mount housing
Extraction arms


The Traversing-KUA is an extraction arm mounted on a rail for good flexibility. It is used to extract fume, gases and oil mist contaminants. Ideal for broad working areas in need of a wide reach.

  • Extractor for larger working areas
  • Provides 360-degree swivel for entire length
  • Movable trolley and arm allows unlimited reach

Truck Extraction Nozzle

The Truck Extraction Nozzle is an adjustable nozzle which can connect to tailpipes that are hard to reach and/or have an irregular shape. The TEN facilitates European standard EURO 6 and American EPA 07 tailpipes.

  • 360° flexibility with the smart designed ball and socket joint
  • Easy locking mechanism with quarter turn locking handle
  • Removable magnetic hose coupling positioner for 150 mm (6 in.) hose

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