HT exhaust hose

High Temperature Exhaust Hose (HT)

HT exhaust hose
HT exhaust hose

The HT hose for fire and emergency service stations can endure exhaust gas temperatures of up to 900°F (482°C) continuous in a properly designed system.

-Available only in North America-

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Plymovent’s market-leading High Temperature Exhaust Hose (HT) for Fire and EMS stations is a proprietary construction, made up of hiqh-quality synthetic fabric.


Exhaust temperatures

The HT is intended to be used for fire and emergency services stations with heavy-duty vehicles that generate high temperature hazardous exhaust fumes. E.g. 2007 and newer diesel vehicles that contain aftertreatment technologies such as a diesel particulate filter.

The HT is a high-quality, flame and abrasion resistant hose that can withstand temperatures up to 900˚F (482°C) continuous in a properly designed system. Intermittently, the HT hose can endure 1050°F (566°C) provided there is a sufficient supply of fresh air.


Product combinations

For fire and EMS stations we recommend a combination with the nozzles Magnetic Grabber or Pneumatic Grabber. If desired the Safety Disconnect Handle can provide the operator with an ergonomic handle to attach the nozzle to the tailpipe without bending over. This hose can be connected to a SBT, STR or VSRX rail system.


  • Hose wall is made of a proprietary multi-layer, high temperature synthetic fabric hose
  • External helix is made up of spring steel wire and a synthetic wear strip for abrasion resistance
  • Lower hose is constructed with a proprietary semi-rigid material to ensure proper operation with Plymovent Grabbers
Recommended for
  • Fire stations
  • Emergency Services stations
  • Fire and Emergency Service Stations
  • Fire and Emergency Training Centers