MiniMan-75 | Extraction arm | Plymovent

Ideal for bench work and smaller working areas

MiniMan-75 | Extraction arm | Plymovent
MiniMan-75 | Extraction arm | Plymovent
  • Ideal for bench work and smaller working areas. Perfect for soldering, lab or dust applications
  • Clear-thru, totally free from internal mechanism
  • Reach of 1 m-1.5 m
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The MiniMan-75 is ideal for all types of smaller dust and fume applications. Totally free from internal mechanisms, yet easily operated and fully flexible, the MiniMan provides efficiency and versatility in a class by itself. Soldering fumes, vapours and solvents are effectively extracted at low air volumes and the uninterrupted airflow allows for high air velocity, capturing coarse dust.

  • Clear-thru design allows maximum air velocity, low pressure drop, low noise level and low energy cost
  • Reach above mounting height offers maximum reach
  • Supplied fully assembled saves installation time
  • Exterior joints allow ease of adjustment, smooth operation and ease of service
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Also available in the colour white for the removal of small dust and fumes in laboratories
Recommended for
  • Soldering
  • Lab fumes
  • Small dust collection operations

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