Plymovent installation at Case New Holland

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Segment Heavy industry
Country Belgium

The challenge

In 2001, the policy makers at Case New Holland (CNH) in Zedelgem (Belgium) decided to take measures to limit the exposure of personnel to welding fumes. The high cost of heating fresh air from outside during winter months also seemed like a driving force for finding a solution to this problem. There is, however, no ready-made solution in place when it comes to companies such as CNH. Plymovent became a long-term partner for CNH, to reduce the welding fume concentrations systematically.

The production workshops in Zedelgem are subdivided into seven sections. For mechanical operations the company has various folding machines, laser cutting machines, presses, lathes and numerous welding robots and electric welding equipment. The intensive welding activities indisputably lead to massive welding fume concentrations.

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