Fire and Emergency Service Stations

Eliminate hazardous diesel exhaust from your fire station with a Plymovent vehicle exhaust capture and removal system.

Reduce vehicle exhaust fumes in your station

Hazardous vehicle exhaust emissions in a fire station are a firefighter’s most significant cancer health risk and could be a serious legal liability for the fire department. Eliminate this hazard from your fire station with Plymovent vehicle exhaust capture and removal systems. From existing stations, to new turn-key facilities, our totally automatic start-up and disconnect source capture systems are the recommended method for controlling exhaust emissions at your station.


Solutions for exposure to exhaust fumes

It is the philosophy of Plymovent to deliver quality systems that are safe, user friendly, regulation compliant and that will enhance the quality of life for your firefighter’s and emergency service personnel. That is why we have developed a line of source capture systems designed to meet your station’s needs:


  • Under Carriage Track Systems - for single and double bay applications
  • Under Carriage Rail Systems - for drive through bays with up to four vehicles
  • Vertical Stack Rail Systems - for vehicles with overhead exhaust stacks

Our YouTube video shows in 360 degrees these three types of vehicle exhaust systems.


Source Capture

At the source capture of airborne particles, prior to their spreading in the local environment, is the most efficient method to achieve a safe and healthy working environment. It minimizes the amount of air that needs to be removed, thereby reducing the total investment in air handling equipment and also reducing the total energy consumption.

A key component to our system is the sealed nozzle design called the Grabber®. The Plymovent Grabber® is available in either a pneumatic or a magnetic version. With the Grabber®, the Plymovent system can provide a virtually 100% source capture performance hereby meeting various regulations. The Grabber® connects to the tailpipe, capturing and eliminating virtually all exhaust fumes. Plus, it is simple to use:

  • Magnetic Grabber®
    Just attach it to the tailpipe and you are done. We call this the Plymovent "click and seal" principle.
  • Pneumatic Grabber®
    Attach it to the tailpipe, and push the fill valve to quickly ensure a positive seal around any size tailpipe.


Under Carriage Track Systems

The Sliding Balancer Track System (SBT) has set the standard for vehicle emission control for fire and emergency response vehicles around the world using either the Magnetic or Pneumatic Grabber®. The SBT system is the preferred system for back-in and drive through apparatus bays, and is designed to connect to any motor vehicle tailpipe while capturing virtually 100% of the exhaust emissions. The SBT system is used in single, and double vehicle applications where the vehicle tailpipe is within 60 feet of the door. It is a fully automatic system, including fan activation and system disconnect from the exiting vehicle.

The SBT has a one-step connection to the system as a vehicle enters the station. If you are looking for an exhaust extraction system that you can connect at the door before backing in and have it automatically disconnect when you leave, the SBT is right for your application.

Under Carriage Rail Systems

The Straight Rail System (STR) is the preferred system for drive through and in tandem apparatus bays using either the Magnetic or Pneumatic Grabber®. The Plymovent STR system is designed to connect to any motor vehicle tailpipe and captures virtually 100% of the exhaust emissions. This system is ideal for drive through bays or bays with up to four vehicles parked in tandem. Everything within the system is automatic, from the fan activation to the automatic release from the exiting vehicle. There is a one-step connection to the system as the vehicle enters the station. Also, the STR system has a solid one-piece extruded aluminum rail profiles offering strength and durability.


Vertical Stack Rail Systems

The Vertical Stack Rail System (VSR) is the solution for vehicles that have top exhaust stacks and need to move through an apparatus bay. The Plymovent VSR system is designed for vehicles with overhead exhaust stacks. With no operator intervention needed, the “V” shaped catcher guides the vehicle tailpipe into the rail profile. The rail profile is a free-floating system that allows side-to-side movement of the entire system and automatically aligns itself with the vehicle’s tailpipe. The system is fully automated from fan start to disconnect. The VSR system offers a solid one piece extruded aluminum rail profile that provides strength and durability.



Since 1975 we have made it our business to ensure clean air in fire stations. We provide high-quality products to protect fire fighters and others from exposure to hazardous diesel exhaust.

We have installed thousands vehicle exhaust removal systems throughout the world.
For more information and/or advice, please contact us.



Plymovent has created a worldwide movement called Hook Up The Hose, to remind emergency service personnel the importance of exhaust extraction in a station and to remember to hook up the hose and to help beat cancer!