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FlexHood fulfills Edmolift’s demands


Located in the UK, Edmolift has a 16,000 m2 modern custom designed premises incorporating their manufacturing, servicing and sales departments together with warehousing facilities. Edmolift’s skilled team has 14 people, whilst their nationwide network provides on-site product demonstrations and competent advice in order to achieve the best, most cost-effective solution to any lifting and handling needs.

The challenge

Edmolift UK Ltd is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of scissor lift tables, pallet handling products and manual handling aids in the UK. They have been successfully installing their equipment into companies of all sizes, in all industrial sectors incl. engineering, manufacturing, packaging, processing, healthcare and research for over four decades.

Edmolift manufactures approx. 10,000 scissor lift tables per year and exports them worldwide.

A movement of the production development area to the new stock area was scheduled. The challenge set to Plymovent was to supply an extraction system that prevents welding fumes and welding dust covering stock in the warehouse. Additionally, the system needed to meet the legal requirements and to create a safe and healthy working environment.

The solution

Plymovent opted for an extraction hood. FlexHood, the extraction hood of Plymovent, is developed to cover and isolate a welding area, just like Edmolift required.

The FlexHood is a modular product. You can for example choose whether you want to hang it from the ceiling or to be placed on aluminum standards. Edmolift choose to have it hang from the ceiling. This way, you can optimally use the workbench below.

After the installation of the FlexHood the air quality turned out to be just perfect, below the exposure limits to welding fumes. Now that all the welding fumes and dust are captured by the effective FlexHood, the stock is clean and dust-free as well.

The size of the FlexHood is flexible and can be tailored to your needs. You can request exactly the size you need to cover for a workbench (as Edmolift did). The FlexHood is available for welding areas from 1.5 m² up to 30 m².

Edmolift finds the FlexHood very user-friendly. Besides, it does not take up any extra (valuable) space. This all together makes it very convenient for the restricted welding area at Edmolift.

Main benefits

  • Welding fumes and dust do not cover the new stock in the warehouse anymore.
  • The FlexHood makes sure that the exposure to welding fumes and dust do not exceed the legal requirements.
  • Improved indoor air quality, less fumes and dust.
  • Overall: a cleaner, safer and healthier work environment.


“The FlexHood does everything we want it to do. We have clean air outside the extraction hood and the product itself does not cause any obstructions to work as it hangs from the ceiling.” 

“Plymovent’s extraction hood has led to a considerable improvement of the air quality, visible and calculated. The FlexHood led to a cleaner and safer working environment.” 

Quote by: Darren Papani, Managing Director at Edmolift UK Ltd

Product list


Extraction hoods




  • 2 x lighting fixture
  • Welding strips to isolate the welding area, orange-red semi-transparent


  • Welding

"The FlexHood has proven to be 100% reliable!"

Darren Papani
Managing Director at Edmolift UK Ltd

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edmolift flexhood
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