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Extraction arms


The T-Flex telescopic extraction arm is a solution for use at workbenches and in small, fixed working areas, such as welding schools and maintenance workshops.

  • Telescopic arm
  • Compact arm for work benches and small working areas
  • Maximum reach of 1.4 m (4.5 ft)

The T-Flex telescopic extraction arm is a solution for use at workbenches and in fixed working areas.

The T-Flex is a wall-mounted telescopic extraction arm with a length of 1 m (3 ft) and a maximum reach of 1,4 m (4.5 ft). It has a rotatable hood RotaHood. Incorporated into the hood is a throttle valve that can be fully opened, partially opened or completely closed to control airflow at hood opening. The arm features a focus extraction spoiler, which directs the air into the hood.

The arm is provided with an EasyLift advanced friction system for light, user friendly positioning of the arm. The telescopic construction enables the arm to extend over 400 mm (16 in.) which makes it ideal for small workstations or booth applications. The T-Flex is equipped with a mounting plate. It is suitable for stationary welding fume extraction systems only.

Recommended for

  • Workbench applications
  • Welding schools
  • Maintenance welding


  • RotaHood 360-degree friction-free rotatable extraction hood for easy positioning
  • Light impact resistant industrial plastic tubes
  • Standard Ø 200 mm (8 in.) smooth tubes to allow high capacity against low pressure drop
  • Wall-mounted telescopic arm with a length of 1 m (3 ft) and a maximum reach of 1,4 m (4.5 ft).

This arm needs a partner in crime

The T-Flex can be combined with:

  • FAN-28
    Welding processes with light to medium intensity.
  • SFD
    Stationary filter unit with a disposable filter used for light-duty or maintenance applications.
  • SFS
    Stationary filter unit with a self-cleaning filter used for medium dry welding applications.

Step up your game against welding fumes with one of these options

  • T-Flex
    Length of 1-1,4 m (3-4.5 ft), for standard welding applications.
  • T-Flex with counterweight
    Length of 1,5-2,5 m (5-8 ft), more precise positioning thanks to the counterweight, suitable for oily welding fumes.

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Physical dimensions and properties

Arm length
1-1,4 m (40-55 in.)
203 mm (8 in.)
tubes and hood
polypropylene copolymere with UV stabilization
PVC with metal springs
handle, rim and grid
nylon, glass fibre reinforced
Max. temperature (continuously)
tubes and hood
80°C (176°F)
80°C (176°F)
80°C (176°F)
handle, rim and grid
95°C (203°F)
tubes and hood
yellow RAL 1028
grey RAL 7024
Weight (net)
7 kg (15.4 lbs)


max. 1600 m3/h (942 CFM)

Ambient conditions

Operating temperature
5°C (41°F)
20°C (68°F)
45°C (113°F)
Max. relative humidity
Outdoor use allowed
Storage conditions
5-45°C (41-113°F)
relative humidity max. 80%

Product combinations

TNB + FAN-28
wall bracket + fan

Available options

working light
working light + automatic start/stop

Scope of supply

Extraction arm - Hood - Hose 100 cm (2) - Bush (4) - Hardware

Order information

Article number

Shipping data

Packing dimensions
1200 x 300 x 400 mm (47.2 x 11.8 x 15.7 in.)
Max. number/pallet
Harmonized Tariff Code
Country of origin
the Netherlands


RotaHood 360° rotatable hood

Extraction Arms Brochure EN


T-Flex Product Data Sheet EN

Product data sheet

T-Flex Manual


T-Flex CE Declaration EN


The T-Flex is in accordance with the following directives:

  • 2006/42/EC – Machinery Directive

Harmonised Standard:

  • EN ISO 12100:2010 - Safety of machinery - General principles for design - Risk assessment and risk reduction
  • Directive 2011/65/EC (RoHS)

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