Bayonet Quick Lock

Making exhaust removal systems compatible

Bayonet Quick Lock
Bayonet Quick Lock
Bayonet Quick Lock
Bayonet Quick Lock

The Bayonet Quick Lock enables fire and emergency vehicles with the Plymovent Magnetic Grabber® Tailpipe Adapter to be compatible with the Plymovent Pneumatic Grabber® or similar nozzles.

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Across neighbouring communities, fire departments work together to share resources and apparatus when needed. During mutual aid or under “shared service” agreements, a fire or EMS truck may want to use the Plymovent vehicle exhaust system while parking inside a neighbouring station. Also, regional fire departments may share specialized fire apparatus, such as a hazardous materials vehicle, and store them within different fire or EMS stations for training purposes.

If the vehicle uses the Plymovent Magnetic Grabber®, the Bayonet Quick Lock enables a vehicle to be hooked up to the Plymovent Pneumatic Grabber system. The Bayonet Quick Lock easily connects to the tailpipe adapter so that the Pneumatic Grabber nozzle can be attached to the vehicle.

  • High-grade stainless steel, electro polished
  • Installs quickly by hand; no tools necessary
  • The brim plate contains two spring-loaded plunger metal pins and twist lock
  • Fits into the 5 in. (125 mm) Plymovent Magnetic Grabber Tailpipe Adapter
  • Making exhaust removal systems compatible across fire and emergency communities
Recommended for
  • Fire stations
  • Emergency medical services
  • Airport ARFF stations