Internal Grabber | Universal nozzle

The universal exhaust extraction nozzle

Internal Grabber | Universal nozzle
Internal Grabber | Universal nozzle
Internal Grabber | Universal nozzle
Internal Grabber | Universal nozzle

The Internal Grabber® is a universal, patented*, vehicle exhaust extraction nozzle that makes other nozzles obsolete.

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The Internal Grabber® nozzle of Plymovent is a new, universal nozzle that fits the shapes and positions of any car and pickup truck exhaust tailpipe. This patented* nozzle makes other nozzles obsolete.


One size fits all!

The Internal Grabber® connects to standard horizontal discharges, dual tailpipes and even flush tailpipes that exit through the vehicle bumper. Due to the protruding beak and ergonomic body, the Internal Grabber® nozzle is easy to attach.

The beak is composed of durable black passivated steel precision tube shackles, that easily grabs into any tailpipe. And the handle is made of an unique injection molded PA composite.


Unique extendable nozzle skirt with soft edge

To optimize exhaust gas capture, the pivoting and extendable “nozzle skirt” is able to dock close to body work. Its unique design has a soft edge to protect the vehicle exterior.

The 360° pivoting collar can accommodate a single tailpipe or dual tip tailpipes.


Dual exhaust capability

A second grabber can be easily added for dual tailpipe exhaust systems. With the “butterfly receiver” you can easily connect a secondary Internal Grabber® to the first, no tools needed. This is a very simple way to capture fumes at the source essential for the safety of you, your employees and your customers.


Ergonomic and user-friendly

This nozzle is an extremely ergonomic tool for all of your exhaust extraction needs. It features a self-aligning squeeze grip for an effortless and smooth attachment to the tailpipe. This grip is incredibly comfortable to your hand.

It has a standard built in damper that opens and closes automatically.


Compatible with a variety of hoses

The Internal Grabber® comes standard with a 4 inch (100 mm) hose connection. To accommodate other hose diameters, there are 3 optional adapters available. An adapter can be effortlessly connected to the Internal Grabber®. Besides the standard Internal Grabber® size of 4 inch (100 mm), the available adapters will host hose diameters of 3 inch (75 mm), 5 inch (125 mm), and 6 inch (150 mm).

In addition, the Internal Grabber® is compatible with any hose brand.


Quick and easy storage

The Internal Grabber® comes with a magnetic mountable storage “tripod”. This wall bracket provides you a safe and out of the way storage option.


 (*) Patent pending

  • Adapts to any tailpipe shape
  • Compatible with a variety of hose diameters any hose brands
  • Extendable nozzle skirt with soft edge to optimize exhaust gas capture
  • Self-aligning squeeze grip for an effortless and smooth attachment
  • Pivoting collar to accommodate dual tip tailpipes
  • Dual exhaust capability
  • Automatic damper
  • Robust beak
Recommended for
  • Garages servicing different vehicle types