Pneumatic Grabber®

Inflatable rubber nozzle for a soft connection to the truck

Pneumatic Grabber®
Pneumatic Grabber®

The Pneumatic Grabber® connects the exhaust removal system via an inflatable rubber bladder. This rubber construction is ideal for fire trucks exiting the station as it prevents damage to the tail pipe.

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The Pneumatic Grabber® connects to the vehicle's exhaust pipe via an inflatable rubber bladder. The Grabber can be deflated manually or automatically. The unique rubber construction is ideal for applications that require a soft connection that will not damage the exhaust tailpipe. This nozzle is used mainly in areas were the vehicle is moving through an enclosed space like, fire stations.

  • All nozzles are easy and quick to connect and disconnect
  • Manual or automatic deflation to disconnect the nozzle from the vehicl
  • Tailpipes that require a soft connection 
Recommended for
  • Fire stations
  • EMS Stations